3noneTwo is the pseudonym of Matthew Davis: motion-graphics animator, electronic musician, and audio/video producer, hailing from the hills of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

From an early age, Matthew has held a passion in entertainment, leading him through a variety of creative mediums, including music, illustration, photography, animation, comics and filmmaking. This experience allows him to approach most projects with confidence, and the remaining few
with curiosity and a driving will to improve.

He finds pride in his ability to replicate visual styles, specializing in recreating vintage aesthetics and mixing them with modern standards.
He finds sorrow in the rising cost of new high-end technology, and
strives to push current technology as far as his abilities will allow.

Despite popular trends, he does not enjoy long walks on the beach.
Walking is for chumps. He eagerly awaits the age of hoverboards.